ADK HomeWatch

ADK Home Watch Services

You know the importance in today’s world of having someone responsible to watch over your investment property at times when you cannot.  ADK Property Management can provide this service for your property in the Adirondack area.

Our ADK homewatch service provides:

  • Verify that all doors and windows are properly secure to prevent break-ins.
  • Visual inspection for signs of insects and rodents.
  • Help reduce risk on unattended properties.
  • Post-storm visual inspections for severe weather damage.
  • Run faucets and flush toilets.
  • Check for evidence of water leaks (ceiling, faucets, toilets, etc.).
  • Visual inspection for signs of damage and deterioration.
  • Run HVAC and adjust settings.
  • Turn on/off water heater and main water source.
  • Visual inspections throughout the property during each visit.
  • Responsive  reporting to client of any problems found.

Unforeseen damage can happen at any time. Your HVAC may go out, leaving your home victim to damage. A ceiling leak from a second floor may cause costly water damage to your property as well. Many things can go wrong in an unattended property.

With storms of the Adirondack area, it’s important to have local,  professionals working on your behalf in the aftermath of a potential disaster. Again, that’s where we come in. We assist you by coordinating efforts with professionals in our area both before and after the storms.

Call 315.333.ADKP or email us for more information about our ADK HomeWatch services

ADK HOMEWATCH is a registered service Mark in New York State

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